Love for the Bronx!


Visiting Edgar Allan Poe’s Cottage

“The Bronx is where I grew up and it’s part of the Big Apple.”

Leonel Rosario, 9th Grade, BLGJ

“The Bronx is the best place to go to because you make a lot of friends and the neighborhoods are beautiful.”

Leylanni Kennedy, 9th Grade, BLGJ


Stopping by Fordham University

“I love the Bronx because of the outgoing people and the grasp of reality.”

Skyann Martinez, 9th Grade, BLGJ

“I love the Bronx because of its people; that makes it a community worth living in.”

William Le, 9th Grade, BLGJ


Eating yummy pastries at Artuso’s

“The Bronx is one of the most connected communities in the world.”

Kenneth Ynoa, 10th Grade, BLGJ

“The Bronx is where happiness is made from!

Vanessa Revilla, 9th Grade, BLGJ


Chatting with market workers

“The Bronx is not a scary as it seems. It’s cool and so are the people.”

“I love the Bronx because of the Bronx Zoo. It has 5,000 animals and 700 species.”

Melody Rosado, 9th Grade, BLGJ


Learning more about the Bronx’s history

“The Bronx is amazing because there are so many people willing to help each other.”

“I love the Bronx because of the diversity and graffiti we come across.”

Tyra Williams, 11th Grade, BLGJ


Reciting poetry to locals along our Bronx tour

“The Bronx is an amazing place because people are nice and when you need help, random people will help you.”

Randy De Jesus, 9th Grade, BLGJ

Come visit! Hip-hop was born in the Bronx.”

Ashley Bravo, 10th Grade, BLGJ


Meeting with a community artist

“In the Bronx, art is everywhere you go!”

“I love the Bronx because it is where I grew up.”


Viewing stores and giving community development ideas to Deputy Director of Fordham Road Business District

“I love the Bronx because we have the best shopping areas. For example, Fordham Road.”

Malene S., 9th Grade, BLGJ

“I love the Bronx because there are so many place to explore.”


buildOn students share 100 reasons to love and visit the Bronx!

“I love the Bronx because it is diverse, not only that, there is always so many activities you can do!”

Amanda Derrell, 9th Grade, BLGJ

“Come watch a game! The Bronx is home to the NY Yankees!”


We love the Bronx! Special thanks to Alexandra Maruri from Bronx Historical Tours for an epic day!

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